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METROPOLITAN is your partner for strategic media-marketing. Because of many years of experience in the media and marketing business we can help you as an individual consulting partner in Germany. You can engage us in the scope of a project as well as a constant partnership.


We offer



  • Conception Service
  • Positioning of Products and Magazines
  • Strategic Media-Consulting
  • Market-Analysis, for German and European Markets
  • Marketing-Communication & Research
  • Media-Distribution
  • Publishing-Models in a time of transition



  • Classical Advertising Sales
  • Advertising Representation
  • Models Video-Publishing
  • Promotion-Service
  • Marketing-Services



  • Editorial Service
  • Editorial Representative Office
  • New-Business Research
  • Consulting Product Diversification
  • Photo-Service
  • Business Management, Organization
  • Coordination Service for foreign publishing companies



Many years of experience:

  • Marketing Manager at the publishing management department of FOCUS Magazine Publishing Company, a subsidiary of one of the leading publishing companies in Germany, Hubert Burda Media.
  • Educational marketing, including all activities and strategies for "new business/young reader marketing".
  • Marketing-Service Manager with responsibility for the B2B communication, including the positioning of magazines through strategic and statistical marketing activities, readership analysis, support and consulting of the sales division, as well as client support in market research.
  • Advertising Manager with advertising sales of special interest magazines in the international publishing company Ringier Press.
  • Studies with Diploma  „Communication Specialist BAW“



Graduate of the Stanford Publishing Course for Professionals 2009!



We also offer legal advice by utilizing an attorney in our network.


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